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Grabbable guts, topless models and growing up in lycra

Sometimes, the randomness of the Internet’s advertising provides a beautiful irony and lack of tact that is far less common when newspaper people are laying out their pages. Yesterday, The Canberra Times online included a story on Rebecca Judd – … Continue reading

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Priceless Wisdom

As I explained in my previous post, after almost 11 years of teaching, I am leaving the classroom to pursue a different career path. In this, the second and final of my farewell-to-teaching posts, I present some un-edited sentences that … Continue reading

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10 Years of Teaching Moments

I hope you will forgive me, dear reader, for taking a brief moment to step away from sport and reflect on something rather different. For after 10 years and 3 terms as a high school teacher, I am stepping out … Continue reading

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I just wasn’t sure which was which

It’s very rare for the Olsen family to have the television on of a morning, but today was the second consecutive day of the school holidays when the screen occupied the attention of the two adults in the family. Yesterday … Continue reading

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Moving Home

It’s New Year’s Eve 2012, and for the first time I’m writing a column from the Olsens’ new home in Canberra after Mrs EPO, the 11-month-old, the cat and I left Geelong just prior to Christmas. Mrs EPO and I … Continue reading

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May Life Ever Be So

It was, at the time, perhaps the most astute assessment of my personality that I’d ever heard. I was in high school – year 10? – and, as I did so often, I was shooting around with a mate while … Continue reading

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Week #41

I once read a comment that I recall as having been attributed to the fascinating author Robert Cormier, best known for his books for young adults such as The Chocolate War and the especially heart-wrenching Tunes For Bears To Dance … Continue reading

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