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If I Were a Playwright

The audience would first see a woman on stage. She’s wearing pyjamas, walking across to the queen bed in which she is the only inhabitant. After sitting herself up under the covers, she scrolls through her phone. She settles on … Continue reading

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What they knew when they traded for him

I was heading out for a feed last Sunday night and found myself reaching for my New York Knicks hoodie in the wardrobe when I froze. There was no way I was going to be seen wearing that logo. In … Continue reading

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One Innocent Question

Can you hear them? Ever so slowly, kids are noticing and turning around to their Mum or Dad, their older brother or sister. And these are just the first few. Within weeks, almost every kid in every AFL-loving house across … Continue reading

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Nothing more to say

Sometimes, there’s so much said about a person that it hardly feels like there’s anything more to say. Take Stephen Curry, the world’s most surprising sporting superstar – a guy a good few inches shorter than the average NBA legend, … Continue reading

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When fans of players are fans of journalists and fans of journalists are fans of television hosts

Nick Kyrgios shook his head virtually this past weekend, in reference to New York Times tennis writer Ben Rothenberg: Ben Rothenberg could be the worst writer to exist. Sit the fk down mate. Smh — Nicholas Kyrgios (@NickKyrgios) March 5, … Continue reading

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It was a good run

Upon writing Sports Illustrated’s eulogy for the late Grantland website this week, Richard Deitsch said “The site wasn’t perfect but it was refreshing, creative and honest, and it allowed writers to be writers. It supported unique voices, and it helped … Continue reading

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Grand Final Day, 2015

Seasons and Grand Finals aren’t the same anymore. Now, they are inescapable reminders of the passing of time. It’s not the players, with 20 of those glorious Hawks who received medals on Saturday being the same as last year, hardly appearing a … Continue reading

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