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Interpretations of 5 hours

What does it matter, what we say about people? This past weekend, my parents took me to two World League volleyball matches between Australia and Finland. The matches were both fascinatingly close 5-setters that took a combined 5 hours to decide. … Continue reading

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Bizarro World

So, let me get this straight. The year is 2014, but everything seems completely upside-down. Apparently, the reigning Wimbledon gentleman’s singles champion is British. And the reigning Wimbledon ladies’ singles champion is retired. And only one of the top 60 … Continue reading

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Playing your part

At the start of April, I travelled to Doha as part of an investigation into the conditions of migrant workers labouring on the construction sites of Qatar. What I saw was a disgrace. The workers I met told me of … Continue reading

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