Priceless Wisdom

As I explained in my previous post, after almost 11 years of teaching, I am leaving the classroom to pursue a different career path. In this, the second and final of my farewell-to-teaching posts, I present some un-edited sentences that I have had the pleasure of reading and marking during my teaching career.

“The two characters in When the Wind Blows are to elderly people who appear to be average compared to normal people.”

“‘Children’ is a poem which expresses the differences between both ends of the stick but still the one stick, so to speak.”

“The film studied in class was ‘Stand By Me’. It was a highly educated film.”

“In Alien there is a constant sound of screaming in the background, which doesn’t seem too bad, but then there is the hissing cat which sets off the horror aspect.”

“To my left was a small glass window with the venison blinds lowered slightly.”

“This poem also used simile, “like” showing, referring to him being poor. The simile mentioned effected me since I have tried to put my shoes in his place.”

“As children watch television their social status decreases.”

“Certain T.V. shows can help children understand the real issues of life in cliches without them even knowing it. Children can learn things that not even a human being can teach them.”

“The Oxford Dictionary describes intoxicated as ‘to loose control of ones faculties or behaviour’ or ‘to excited or exhilarate (someone)’.”

“Australians are so mad about sport that they would do something violent if they watch their team lose.”

“The Director David Lynch uses clever camera placement at the start of the film so the audience cannot see his deformaties.”

“I myself have lived and gone to many places. I have been to the Philippines, the other side of N.S.W. I have lived in Claymore and Eagle Vale. All those places have one thing in common…they have people.”

“The child might notice a show with catchy tunes and is educational, though what if a child watches a cooking show, what will they do?”

“Parents sometimes give their children an alcoholic drink to celebrate a new year or even just at Christmas time, although they are the ones responsible if their children get cancer.”

“In Edward Scissorhands, at the start of it the lighting was well done it focussed on her face and lightened it up so it made us audience realise we had to focus on her. When the girl was outside Edward was wearing dark clothes whilst everything else was light and it made us focus on him. They put a massive dinosaur in there and we had no idea why.”

“Television also influences them in other ways like children being stuck to the television.”

“If we were falling behind in the choreography our dance teacher would call for a lunch time practise and everyone had to be there or else they were out, the dance teacher was very strict on punctuation and actually turning up.”

“Lennie and George were in the Weed business.” (Marker’s comment: “Actually, in ‘Of Mice and Men’, Lennie and George were run out of a town called ‘Weed’.”) 

“Smoking is seen on just about every television show.”

“When Treves has his meeting with the hospital board in the wonderful big room and the royal messenger enters the room it just gives the vibe that it is the Victorian Era.”

“Its cheaper to buy programs from America because its cheaper.”

“The randomness of the attack on the tent put you back in your chair.” (Marker’s comment: “Because we were standing up while watching this video?”)

“Everything was completely natural to enhance the audience’s suspension of disbelief. Eg. We didn’t see The Blair Witch fly across the full moon.”

“So they ran up there and arrested him for first degree murder and he was sentenced to death by getting a string and swing him from a plane and crash the plane in the desert, and that was the end of his bombing.”

“Me being the captain then led us out and just as we were about to take our positions John tripped and fell to the ground. I was worried. The team doctor came onto the field and said John had broken his leg. I then tried to think about the game but I was too worried about Frank.”

“I tried hard not to use word which is this whole story in one word but more sharp meaningful descriptive words which will appeal to a less demanding.”

“You could tell very easily that he was at a high school, with typical American high schools having lots of girls that all crave men.”

“Almost always the close up shot has the subject with a scared or concerned look on their face, to show that this film isn’t a comedy.”

“One of the main reasons for the success of ‘Alien’ was its popularity.”

In middle of Year 12 script, just after girl has broken up with Spencer: “She then sees Spencer with the friends that they had both sheared.”  (Marker’s note: “Think you meant “shared”… But so many other possibilities just flood forth from ‘sheared'”.)

“There’s a silence and all you can hear is the persons heartbeat.”

“The man turned around. To my surprise he was the splitting image of my grandpa.”

“Unexpectedly it all stops and we are left with the view of space and a inconspicuous  ship hovering in the middle of know where.”

From a short story of a Year 8 student: “Billy worked for the Mafia drug delivery association….As Billy was in prison his wife came to bail him out. His wife’s name was Chapelle Corby…They went back to their house and smoked weed which they stole and kept from the mafia.” 

“The music is very full on, and it’s very dark. It has the exact feel of alien’s being around.”

“If you prefer to do things on land, then the ferry to Sorrento will leave you amazed with all of the sightseeing of the dolphins and whales you may come across on the way!”

“When we arrived, our neighbour greeted us and also told us not to go in the basement because their was a monster in there and it was forbidden.”  (Marker’s comment: ‘How can your neighbour forbid you from entering a room in your own house? And if the basement is forbidden, why is your story titled The Forbidden Attic?’)

“10 minutes remaining Carlton 118, Essendon 112…the Bombers score which puts them to 116.”

“The audience therefore climaxes.”  (Marker’s comment: ‘I didn’t know that Pan’s Labyrinth could do that to folk…’)

“William Shakespeare’s play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ has a very well thought out script.”

“If a toddler was watching Play School they could be brainwashed by the hosts and believe that they could drive down the street in a cardboard box.”

“In 1949, the USSR detonated their first atomic weapon, causing a cold war that could become heated.”  (Marker’s comment: “Does that mean it was a warm-ish war?”)

“I packet my bags & I was gonnskies.”

And finally, the only student I came across during my career who managed to quote themselves in their own essay:

“The people there are really, really nice and personally I think that it would be (and I quote), ‘absolutely, totally awesome’ to live there.”

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1 Response to Priceless Wisdom

  1. Maddy Usher says:

    So many beautiful lines… I might add one of my favourites.
    “When Macbeth kill Duncan, there no longer happiness times in Scotland.”

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