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May Life Ever Be So

It was, at the time, perhaps the most astute assessment of my personality that I’d ever heard. I was in high school – year 10? – and, as I did so often, I was shooting around with a mate while … Continue reading

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So, what if he’s right?

Even if you think that Peter Costello occasionally makes a reasonable point in his column on sportspeople as role models, it’s hard to see his arguments maintaining any real credibility. Let’s consider three of his major points: 1) “It is … Continue reading

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Because we’re allowed to not like her

This week’s Green Guide was the last straw. I’m now officially mad as hell and don’t want to take it anymore. Kelli Underwood, the first woman to commentate televised AFL games, has been demoted this season after two years “in … Continue reading

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The Rule of Thorpe

In Olympic years, the Australian Swimming Championships double as the Olympic Trials, with the first two swimmers in each race – as long as they swim a qualifying time – automatically chosen to represent Australia at the Games. But in … Continue reading

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