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The Lost Years

Publication Date: Monday, 10/11/2011 For me, they are the “Lost Years”. The years when a sport was not shown on free-to-air television, and broadband internet didn’t exist – at least, not in my house – for us to view highlights … Continue reading

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Most Incredible Plays of the Year

Publication Date: Monday, 3/1/2011 In celebration of the sporting year coming to a close, Edward P. Olsen offers readers his 10 Most Incredible Plays of 2010. In alphabetical order: Sidney CROSBY Pittsburgh Penguins v Ottawa Senators (Game 1, Eastern Quarter-Finals), Mellon … Continue reading

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2011’s Most Intriguing Sportspeople

Publication Date: Monday, 27/12/2010 As 2010 races to a close, EPO presents two end-of-year commentaries. Next week, he will reveal his Most Incredible Plays of 2010. This week, with apologies to the magazines that have compiled lists like this in … Continue reading

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Games of the Old School

Publication Date: Monday, 20/12/2010 As a primary school student in the 80’s, my favourite computer game was One-On-One, a basketball game where you could play as Dr J or Larry Bird. Looking back on it now on Youtube brings back … Continue reading

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The Best Tennis Players of the Decade

Ever since sports came into existence, punters have enjoyed the relatively pointless debates surrounding the comparison of different sportspeople’s careers. The endless discussions about who’s better are based upon a myriad of factors, from the contestants’ records, winning percentages, the … Continue reading

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An Imbalance of Power

One of my favourite sporting images of 2010 is of Belarusian tennis player Victoria Azarenka at the US Open. During her second round match, Azarenka collapsed and had to be helped from the court in a wheelchair. Later, Azarenka issued … Continue reading

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