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Fantasy Football: Such is Life

The following is a transcript of a statement given by Brisbane Lions Fantasy Football General Manager Edward P. Olsen at a press conference this afternoon, 24 hours after the Lions lost the 2010 AFL Fantasy Draft Grand Final. It is … Continue reading

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EPO’s Remorse

We’ve all done it once, haven’t we? Please, please tell me that everyone’s done it at least once. Tell me that everyone’s made at least one split-second decision that felt logical, rational and decent at the time, which eventually turned … Continue reading

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The Pointless Premier League

Of all of the World’s sporting leagues, the English Premier League, established in 1992, is perhaps the most difficult to comprehend from a statistical perspective. Since the inception of the League, only 4 clubs have won the title – of the 18 … Continue reading

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The Changing Face of Masculinity

It was Year 7 Camp, and I was the teacher on night duty. A youngster came out of his room only minutes before all were supposed to be away in their cabins, seeking some support from the first teacher he … Continue reading

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A Fateful Decision – Part 2

It’s funny how a matter of two years ago, many of us had no idea as to what Twitter was, and yet now it can be the bearer of heartbreaking news: New York Times: “Confirmed: David Lee to Warriors in … Continue reading

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