The Future is Written

According to Advertising Age, it was the fastest growing viral video in history, with 7.8 million people viewing Nike’s “Write the Future” ad online in its first week of release.

And now, even though one week still remains in the World Cup, the stars involved in Nike’s ad have indeed written their future:

“Drogba, a mere 16 days after breaking his elbow, started for the Ivory Coast to spearhead an attacking 4-3-3 formation, but the Africans added little oomph to proceedings.”(1)

“At least [Drogba] scored, twice in fact, but was never able to escape the consequences of the arm he broke on the eve of the tournament. Suffered like Ronaldo as the hands of a risk-averse coach, Sven-Goran Eriksson.”(2)

“Italy captain Fabio Cannavaro has confirmed his retirement from international football after the Azzurri’s early World Cup exit. The 36-year-old defender led Italy to World Cup glory four years ago in Germany but the holders have crashed out in the group stages in South Africa. Thursday’s shock 3-2 defeat by Slovakia saw Italy finish bottom of group F with just two points following disappointing 1-1 draws with Paraguay and New Zealand.”(3)

“Cannavaro…was heavily criticised during the tournament for poor performances during all three group matches as the defending champions crashed out of the competition.”(4)

“The Juventus centre-back admitted he cried after the defending champions were eliminated, but did not believe the woeful performance in Africa would erase the memory of their 2006 triumph. ‘This is a black page in our history, but it can’t erase what we achieved in 2006,’ said Cannavaro.”(5)

“Wayne Rooney: Never found the rhythm…flat as a pancake in front of goal.”(6)

“Rated by some pundits as arguably the best player in the world after an incredible season at Manchester United, Rooney failed to live up to expectations. Not only did he fail to score a goal, he appeared only half-fit and cantankerous throughout.”(7)

“The Manchester United forward has looked sluggish and uninspired in South Africa and made matters worse for himself with a snarling comment to a pitch-side television camera about England fans’ booking after the Algeria performance.”(8)

“England’s dismal World Cup campaign has prompted Steven Gerrard and Wayne Rooney to withdraw from a lucrative skills showcase on the grounds that their involvement would have been “inappropriate”. The A:3K Football event, which was scheduled for 17 July at London’s O2 Arena, has been postponed until next summer in light of the duo’s non-appearance.”(9)

“The hope was that the Manchester United forward would make such an impact in South Africa as to draw comparisons with Pele in 1970 or Diego Maradona in 1986. As it was, his frustration in the final minutes of England’s tame elimination rather summed up his entire tournament.”(10)

“The 30-year-old Ronaldinho, who was the FIFA World Player of the Year in 2004 and 2005, has been in good form for AC Milan this season but has missed out on Dunga’s [Brazillian] squad for the finals in 2010, denying him the chance to add a second World Cup crown to the one he won in 2002.”(11)

“World Cup 2010: Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal is latest damp squib.”(12)

“Coach Carlos Queiroz believes the 25-year-old struggles to cope with the pressure of playing for Portugal. ‘Portugal needs Ronaldo, and Ronaldo needs the national side. But if this shirt (the Portugese strip) unnerves some players, they have no grounds to be here,’ said Qeuiroz.”(13)

“Often on the verge of tears for some perceived slight or other, Cristiano Ronaldo, bottom lip aquiver and apparently close to curling up in a fetal position, spits peevishly at an on-pitch TV cameraman.”(14)

“Ronaldo was billed as one of the top stars coming into the tournament in South Africa, but left much as England’s Wayne Rooney did: with bitter disappointment. He did not speak to reporters after the match, but vented his frustration on his agent’s website. ‘I feel devastated, completely brokenhearted, frustrated and unimaginably sad,’ Ronaldo said. ‘I know I’m the captain, I have always faced up to my responsibilities, and I always will.”(15)

“Is that any excuse for spitting in the direction of a cameraman, a heinous act witnessed by millions on their high def big screens back home? Of course not.”(16)

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1 Response to The Future is Written

  1. Liz says:

    Wow – the curse of Nike, huh?? Kind of like how the marriage of the ‘Best Actress’ Oscar-winner always breaks down in the wake of the award!!!

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