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The Secrets of Olympians

Sometime during the past 12 months, I fell in love with PostSecret. PostSecret is a website updated each Sunday with a series of postcards which have been sent to the site that week, each containing the sender’s anonymous secret. I … Continue reading

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Draft News

Editor’s Note: Edward P. Olsen is a member of a long-running AFL Fantasy Draft. The Draft isn’t the exact equivalent of the ever-popular SuperCoach or DreamTeam competitions which have hit Australia (or at least Victoria) by storm in recent years. … Continue reading

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It’s been 263 days since Cleveland Cavaliers centre Zydrunas Ilgauskas was scrolling through the latest sports news on his mobile phone only to learn that the Cavaliers had obtained Shaquille O’Neal for the 2009-2010 season. When asked about the news, … Continue reading

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Dear Count

An open letter to International Olympic Committee President Count Jacques Rogge: Dear Sir, I have been greatly concerned throughout the past few weeks upon viewing the reactions of secondary school students to the recent Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. On the whole, … Continue reading

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Lifting the Blanket

“However, something, I said, was still off about that game. I’d played in and watched too many games not to know it. Because when games are right, they’re like pulling a blanket over your head when you’re a kid—suddenly the … Continue reading

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